An Ageless Love: Chapter 2

It was late in the evening again and Mia, Yulie, White Blaze and the others were now sitting in the living room of a small house, while Dais and Aideen’s parents were upstairs speaking to the police and refusing their insistence of taking her to the hospital. No one was in armor but the flames in Dais’ eyes, though dampened, were enough to give the officers pause in pursuing the subject. When they were informed that the victim was the village healer they were more determined to get her out to the hospital until Sage was unable to take the stress radiating off the Seasonal of Illusion.

"Look officers, we mean no disrespect, but miss Aideen needs to stay here with her family. I am a trained Paramedic and a fourth year medical student out of Toyama University. Leave her in my care and I will fill out any reports that you require." Sage used the power of his armor to only stabilize the woman that was now in a healing sleep on the bed in the room. Now he used it again to lend authority to his words since he did not want to have an incident on his hands with the local constabulary.

Whereas Dais was not someone that looked like he could be trusted to be alone with the woman and family, the young man that was speaking to the police looked like he was on the up and up. So after they checked his credentials and made a call to Toyama University to confirm his identity, they agreed and handed him the stack of basic Rape/Abuse reports that were normally filled out by the attending physician. Reassured that they would have the reports with in 48 hours they took their leave of Aideen’s parents and got out of the house before the one named Dais did something they would regret.

As soon as they left Dais was immediately at Aideen’s bedside holding her hand and noticing that she looked painfully frail from the last time he saw her back in the Dynasty. What was this world doing to her? Why couldn’t he have gone strait to her when he teleported?

He felt someone behind him Armor up and knew that it would be Halo to finish his work. They all heard the police car pull away from the house with the severely beaten criminal in the back. Once assured that they were gone, Sage moved to the other side of the bed and pulled out his no-daitchi.

Dais stiffened at the site of the blade and though he knew that Halo would not hurt Aideen, he wondered about this one time. He looked up at the armor bearer as he laid the sword along her body and as their eyes met he found himself being pried open for thought. ~Stay or leave. But do not interrupt me or so help Kami-sama you will live to regret it. Of that I will make certain.~

Dais was surprised at the conviction and lethal promise in the blonde one’s mental tone but stayed where he was holding her hand. Nothing, not even Talpa with all his nether spirits could make him move from her.

Sage’s green glow started to permeate Aideen’s being it touched off a response that nearly overwhelmed the lover and the healer. A bright flash of green and white light shocked them and then they were both aware of her thoughts. Guilt, Betrayal, loathing of self and the man that tricked her. Love and pain were on top of the pile of mixed up emotions and the maelstrom of thought. Underneath that was sorrow and hurt that ran deeper than either of the two had ever experienced.

Their outcry at the flash brought the others to the doorway and what they saw had them all scared. Floating in the air was the trio that had stayed in the room but they were in the positions as if they were still at the bedside. Surrounded by a purple, white, green glow the trio seemed to be frozen in time and try as they all might none of them could penetrate the sphere of color with their minds, so they watched.

Every memory of that night pulsed painfully through them. How she had seen Dais go around the corner and the depth of the emotion that drove her to find him. As she rounded the corner she was hit and dragged some distance unconscious. Dais could tell from the slightly altered viewpoint of the memories that her Wildling spirit was watching and remembering.

The shear brutality of what happened next shocked, and enraged both Ronin and Seasonal. The healer, because he had always been just that. The Seasonal because of his wish to never hurt her. As the viewpoint changed again they could tell that she was fighting back as herself and was still earning a beating because her mind still saw Dais. The confused tones around the vision told them that she had been hurt and confused by her love’s behavior and only wanted him to stop so that they could talk. Weakened she finally collapsed, completely spent when the real Dais showed up in full armor and practically killed the boy with one hit.

When he armored down so that the little bastard could see his face before he died, a Battle of Illusions ensued and that was how he found out that the boy had manipulated Aideen’s mind. The Wyvern that everyone had seen coming into the battle was actually a working of the boy and his abilities but his concentration was broken by the arrival of the other warriors.

As the trio lowered back to the bed the entrancing sphere popped like a bubble and only the green and white energies stayed around Aideen. Dais and Sage woke up from the memory walk and the fury was back in Dais. "Aideen, my little Wildling, so help me that little bastard will pay for what he did to you. I will make him pay ten fold and then some for everything he did to you."

Everyone was relieved however when the white-haired ex-warlord stayed at Aideen’s side. Sage finished and as the green light left Aideen the white light of her own healing abilities stayed, but she did not awaken. Sage sighed, "That is all I can do for now Dais, she is going to have to finish on her own."

Dais glared at the Ronin of Halo but was forced to admit that he looked like he had done more that he perhaps should have. He nodded once and growled out. "Leave us be then, for I am not leaving at all until she is awake and returned to me." He knew he sounded selfish but he also knew that if that brat tried anything from his cell in the hospital ward, he would want to be by her to protect her. He would always protect her.

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