An Ageless Love: Chapter 1

It was on one of these evenings that the Seasonal Warriors were called to a conference at Mia’s house. As they appeared on the doorstep, Yulie opened the door and they were all invited in. After being lead to the kitchen where there was a table big enough for all of them to sit around, they took up their usual places except Dais. He moved over to the doorway and looked out on the stars that had started twinkling in the early twilight hours. He was called back to the meeting and was surprised to find that the meeting was called for him.

"Dais. It has been agreed that you cannot be like this for too much longer before we all go nuts around you. We have an idea but you have to be the one to ok it."

Dais did not know whether to be interested or mad at them all for sticking their noses into his affairs, but as he thought back on the last few weeks he had to admit that he was being a jerk. "And just what is this idea that you think is so great."

Mia and Kayura flinched at the sarcasm in his voice but decided to continue. "Well we were thinking..."


Kayura was cut off by a scream that came from nowhere and everywhere at once. As they looked around at each other and identified the scream they all noticed that Dais was gone.

Kento stood up and looked at the others. "I think we had better go after him before some dumb fool looses his neck." The others nodded and they all armored up and teleported Mia with them to the source of the scream.

Well almost to the source. Nine wet warriors washed up on the beach of an island and as they all shivered in the colder climate they looked around trying to figure out what it was that they hit that send them out of the teleport. Dais was already gone on foot and Kento was following him closely to make sure his one time rival did not kill anyone.

The others figured that they had best try to find the two before trouble happened and they had all seen the look on Dais’s face when they all got up off the beach. He was out for blood. Some one had gotten past Aideen’s Wildling state and had hurt her, prompting her scream. Dais half crazy from missing her had managed the energy to teleport on his own halfway around the world to get to her.

"I think that since he does have the closest bond with her that we should just follow his armor signature and see where he goes and hope that no one gets hurt." Kayura had changed from the Armor of cruelty to the Ancients garb and held the staff. Mia and the others agreed that it was a sensible idea and Mia and Yulie got on White Blaze so that they could follow the faster warriors as they armored down to their sub armors.

~Smart thinking guys. We are an odd enough bunch here with out full armors.~ Mia thought at the guys and hoped that Dais had stopped to think to do the same. Minutes later she had her answer. People were running screaming as a giant wyvern type creature rose above the city. ~Damn, he can only do something that detailed on so many people with his full armor. People are going to have nightmares for this.~

They followed the source of the illusion and soon came upon a thoroughly enraged Dais with weapon in hand and an equally terrified young man that had some sort of abilities. Dais was in his sub armor and his white hair flying in the wind and him using his weapon was terrifying in itself.

Behind the young man was a beaten and bloody body. Kayura risked the move and brought the girl to her and then set the staff to shield them as the others tried to calm the master of illusion down.

"Dais! Comon man, you have to let him go. This ain’t Japan where killing someone for something like this is most times over looked." Kento had gotten closest to Dais and was about to grab the man he held when he was suddenly smashed into the wall behind him. Having been in his subarmor it hurt more than had he been in full gear but at least he was alive.

"Stay out of this Hardrock! Do you know what this little worm did to her!!" Dais slammed the now frightened and wet young man up against the wall. "This Parasite, used his abilities, what ever they may be and tricked her into thinking that he was me!!"

SLAM, The young man was now ready to pass out but was to frightened to do even that small thing as the others that were trying to calm the enraged man were looking at him. Sekmet and Cale both knew that this young man was probably going to die, but they now understood why.

"Did you know that while she was entranced he RAPED her and BEAT her!!!!" The two foul words were spat from his mouth and the boy was slammed against the wall and then thrown against the dumpster. "And because her mind was entranced into thinking that it was me…she did not change to Wildling to fight back!!! She did not want to hurt me!!"

Dais was screaming now and beyond himself in his unbridled rage. No one wanted to get close to him to try and calm him. Dais was ready to kill with out a second thought and the fact that his own specialty had been used against his beloved was even more of a reason in his mind to kill the little bastard slowly and with the maximum amount of pain.

He felt guilt and shame that she would set aside her doubts to go with this cretin, but was also honored that she trusted him. This guilt, pride, rage, and honor all mixed in the wrong proportions and he changed to his full armor ready to tear him limb from limb.

As he stepped towards the young man who was not able to move, but was alive enough to know that his end was near. The man against the dumpster began pleading for his life. Dais did not hear a word of it, blind and deaf in his rage he was almost on the boy when a soft and pain strained voice reached him.

"Dais??" The voice was barely a whisper, but he heard it with all the clarity as if it had been a shout.

The rage that had burned in his soul banked as the name washed over him. She was alive and in pain. Dais took out his main weapon and pinned the man to the dumpster with it. That finished he turned quickly and practically ran back to Kayura who now held a barely conscious Aideen. Her voice had broken the circle of his rage and now she struggled valiantly against the darkness that tried to claim her. She saw him and the love in his eyes. She heard his voice, choked with emotion begging her not to leave him. She loved him and she knew that this was no illusion. Her love was here to protect her, she was safe.

Her hold on the world slipped again and Dais hardened. Looking at Sage he snapped out. "Help her!" As he stepped back and let the others armor up he looked back at the young man that was now healing against the dumpster. Cale laid his cloak out on the ground for Aideen and then folded the edges over her like a blanket. Sage brought out his sword and prepared quickly to save three lives, for he knew that if Aideen were to leave this world, Dais would kill the boy against the dumpster and then himself to be with his love.

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