An Ageless Love: Prologue

A year and a half passed all to quickly for all of the Ronins and Seasonal Warriors. Aideen was due to go back to school in Ireland where she belonged and even though she was deeply in love with Dais, she had to agree that she belonged there.

In the year that had passed after it was agreed that it was for the best that for the time she lived in the Dynasty, Aideen gained a fine almost instinctive control over her wildling state and could now change between states as she chose. No matter what though, for her it was always harder for her to change back from the Wildling state. Her love for Dais and her concern for her friends however spurred her to gain control of the wild side and she was successful. She still had the occasional startle that would inadvertently change her but she would recover quickly and reassert her own brand of control over the Wildling.

Everyone had accompanied her to the airport, Kayura and the others were teleported there and Mia and Cye drove the group from the Mortal realm for goodbyes. Aideen had cried the night before for several hours while being held by Dais who had gotten better at showing his feelings and comforting her in the last year.

She did not want to leave and the only thing that Dais could tell her that would be the truth was that if she were to ever need him. He would be there no matter what. Everyone was amazed at the tenderness that Dais was showing openly today as he walked Aideen to the terminal to get her boarding passes and luggage checked. In the last year, none of the earth bound ronins had ever seen this side of him though it was hinted at when they visited the dynasty. Aideen was happy with him and it was accepted, even though joked about, that Aideen had chosen Dais and that she would have no other.

Everyone said their goodbyes and they each gave her something to remember them by and then stepped back. As Dais was last to go he surprised them all by kissing her gently and with a shining eye, vowed that he would find a way to see her often.

"My little Wildling." He called her softly though all could hear. "I promise you that there will be a day when we will be together again. And when that day comes, nothing shall bring us apart again." He kissed her softly again and let her go reluctantly as she was called to board the plane. Everyone there could see just how much Aideen meant to Dais and it was obvious that he meant the same to her.

Dais seemed colder and more distant than ever since that day. His depression grew as he tried everything he could think of to see his beloved again, but only succeeded in contacting her through the mail and by phone when Mia let him visit. Aideen’s letters meant everything to him and he was slightly more tolerable for a few days after receiving one of them.

It had been several months now since she left Japan and the Dynasty and the Ronins and other Seasonals were heartily tired of Dais in his funk. He wasn’t eating and now on top of his listless wanderings he was extremely short tempered. Kayura and Sekmet were treading on eggshells around him and Cale just avoided him all together.

The Ronins finally held a conference of their own with Mia and it was agreed that they had to get Dais and Aideen back together or they would all go nuts. Rowen missed her sharp mind and quick intellect, just as Mia missed having another friend around to do things with. Ryo missed her athletic grace and ability to challenge him to soccer and actually beat him when White Blaze wasn’t playing and White Blaze missed the slim girl that could understand him as well as Ryo did.

Cye kept up a constant stream of letters to her but most of it was for friendships sake and cooking ideas and Kento just missed having someone around to joke with. Sage missed his meditation student and only admitted to himself that she was perhaps the fastest learner that he had encountered in the ways of meditation. Everyone, Dynasty and mortal realm bound alike missed the young woman that had grown so much in the time she had stayed there in their own way. But none of this compared to Dais who felt that half of his heart and soul was missing, gone with that slip of a girl that had captured his heart and showed him his past lives.

Every evening in the Dynasty he would look out of his window and wonder if she were all right and if she even thought about him now that she was back in the mortal realm and home with her family. Something deep inside him told him that she missed him as much as he missed her but he could not bring himself to take a short trip to the Mortal realm to visit her. He would only have to return to the Dynasty with more memories of her and miss her more and more than he did already.