Tenkuuden: Stage Eight: Wind's Monologue

Touma: 'He is Ryo, Sanada Ryo. Here is Shuu Rei Fang. He is Mouri Shin. And she is Nasti.'

Ryo: 'He..Hello.'

Shuu: 'How are you, I'm Shuu.'

Shin: 'Nice to meet you. My name is Mouri Shin. How are you?'

Mother: 'Hello.'

Nasti: 'Welcome back. It's nice to meet you. I'm Nasti Yagu'

Mother: 'Thank you for taking care of Touma. He is so spoiled, and must have caused a lot of troubles.'

Shuu: 'YES, he IS spoiled.'

Nasti: 'SHUU! No, he is not. I caused a lot troubles to him, too.'

Mother: 'No. Please don't be so reserved. Really, I'm also troubled by him.'

Touma: 'MOM!'

Mother: 'He is such a late riser. I have never seen anyone who has so much trouble getting up before, don't you think so?'

Seiji: 'You are correct.'

Nasti: 'SEIJI!'

Mother: 'You see? Because of this, I couldn't tolerate it anymore and gave up being his mother.'

(Everyone laugh)

Touma: 'That's why I didn't want you guys to come with me.'

Mother: 'How Nice!! Touma-kun!'

Touma: 'About what?'

Mother: 'You're so lucky to make so many good friends. Friends are treasures over anything else, and you should treasure them even over me or that Genichiro-Kun (Touma's father). It's up to you either to keep the treasure for life or to lose it.'

Touma: 'mmm'

Mother : 'Everyone is connected through the sky in this world no matter how far they are apart. After all, we are breathing the same air and walking on the same earth. Therefore, a friend is a friend no matter what you do, or how old you become. You should never forget this.'

Touma: 'mmm.'

Mother: 'It's hard to meet real good friends in one's life. Well, but I am still not having enough experiences myself to talk about one's life, too.(*laugh*)'

Touma: 'THAT'S RIGHT. You talk big when you meet someone younger.'

Mother: 'So what? I just happens to always stay with someone elder. Touma-Kun sounds like an old man, too.'

Everyone: 'That's right.'

Touma: 'HEY! YOU GUYS!'


Mother: 'How about we have dinner together, since you've given me such a surprising welcome?'


Shin: 'Wow! Great!'

Seiji 'I've eaten too much pumpkin recently. I want a full course of French gourmet'(In the song 'Midnight Party' included in the vocal CD 'kimi o nemurasenai (won't let you sleep)', Seiji had said "I like pumpkin" in the intermission. Because of this line, many Japanese fans has sent Nakamura Daiki (Seiji's voice actor) pumpkins. And it is said that Mr. Nakamura did eat too much pumpkin because of this. And as a result, this specific line is included here in Tenkuden)

(Everyone argues what to eat)

* * *

Mother: 'Touma-kun'

Touma: 'What?'

Mother: 'I can't say much about you anymore.'

Touma: 'About what?'

Mother: 'The airplane seemed to have some kind of trouble before it landed; however, I knew nothing since I was asleep! In addition, I saw this strange dream.'

Touma: 'A dream?'

Mother: 'I was also on an airplane in the dream, but there was someone flying outside the window.'

Touma: 'Really?'

Mother: 'This incredible person wore a cool armor, and Touma-kun, ...was the person, that is.'

Touma: '...It means..that you are indeed my mother.'

Mother: 'Really? You think so?'

Touma: 'Yes.'

* * *

Touma: 'Everyone in the world is connected through the sky, said by Mother. It's the same thing I felt when I was flying in the sky. The sky is so huge that it contains everything in the world, and me, Hashiba Touma, as the bearer of Tenku's armor, have the responsibility to protect it. I'm connected, through the sky, with my flying-everywhere mother, with my always-doing-research father, and with my irreplaceable companions.'

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