Tsuki: Stage Six: Epilogue Shining Waves

Naaza: "Hmm. (I can't believe that) 'the Ball of Moon Hell' is destroyed."

Anubis: "That's why Gogasha cannot become a warlord."

Rajura: "It was your darkness...which hid the moon at first."

Anubis: "Someone with such a lethal weak point does not qualify to be a warlord. It's just a simple fact. Gogasha has paid for what he has done mocking us. That's all."

Rajura: "I see. (*Laugh*)"

Naaza: "But...doesn't it mean that we have saved those little brats?"

Anubis: "Saved them, so what? Those troopers have beared multiple hatred of ours. It is our job to kill them, isn't it?"

Naaza: "That's true. It makes me angry when the chance is snatched by someone else."

Rajura: "(*laugh*) I agree."

Anubis: "They are not ordinary enemies. Somehow or other they had defeated Lord Arago, and took away Oni-Masho Shuten from Youjakai. I'm not corrupted enough to believe that everything will be fine just to defeat them (using any method)."

Naaza: "That's right! We are bushi (warriors) as well!"

Rajura: "A Bushi has a Bushi's pride. Even we became youja, we will never lose the pride of a Bushi."

Naaza: "Yes!"

Anubis: "It's a regret that they are enemies...SAMURAI TROOPERS! We will certainly cut your heads off with our own hands!"

Rajura: "All five of you! Grow and improve your skills/power as far as possible now."

Naaza: "And we will look forward to meet you again one day!"

(All three laugh)


Touma: "I haven't thought that there would be a youja who can manipulate the attractive force of the moon."

Shin: "Such beautiful full moon could be a weapon..."

Seiji: "That is what youjas are....Even beauty is used by them for fighting."

Ryo: "They can't understand the beauty of moon anymore once their hearts are occupied by fighting."

Shuu: "I'm sorry, everyone, that I left arbitrarily."

Ryo: "No. We too, seemed straining our nerves too much."

Shuu: "But, youja did come again as you guys have said. We might be able to fight more calmly and composedly from the beginning if only I was there."

Touma: "Considering that there are still youjas so powerful, we probably thought too optimistically about the youjakai."

Seiji: "It means that...carelessness still should be avoided."

Touma: "We have to ...thank Shuu this time."

Shuu: "What? Why me?"

Ryo: "We almost forgot why we fight when all we considered was fighting itself."

Shuu: "The reason? To protect the precious companions and persons, of course."

Ryo: "That's right. But...we only though about fighting with youja."

Shuu: "So? Youja are the ones we are supposed to fight."

Shin: "..Well, that's true, too. But, we forgot."

Shuu: "???What???"

Ryo: "OK, OK! We really want to thank Shuu, that's it."

Shuu: "Thank? ....I don't want it."

Shin: "Because it was you, who has a strong sense of duty and sympathy, that you returned for us. As we expected, Shuu is someone we can rely on."

Touma: "If it was Seiji, he probably really hurried going back (home) ."

Seiji: "Maybe."

Shuu: "No...Sense of duty whatsoever...but See! I'm really glad that Ryo understand my feeling!"

Touma: "That's Ryo's good point."

Shin: "Ryo has the strongest feeling to empath with the others....it will also be Ryo who would always do so even at the risk of his own life."

Seiji: "And that is why he has to be always kept an eye on. He will move (so quickly) driven by his beliefs only."

Touma: "That's true. Move with such recklessness. We won't be able to help even if you die.(Literally: We won't care if you died because of your recklessness.)

Seiji: "Considering about recklessness...Ryo and Shuu belong to the same category."

Shin: "It's very difficult for people around to deal with the person, when he has such an excessive heart of Jin."

Touma: "Yes! Such a big Trouble!"

Ryo: "Talk so harsh! Are you guys trying to praise me, or to speak ill of me?"

Seiji: "It can't be helped. (We were just) talking about the fact."

Ryo: "....I see."

Shuu: "No. It's only because of me that Ryo did such a (reckless) thing. I made such an officious offer trying to introduce Ryo to my family. It's my bad habit poking my nose into someone else's business."

Touma: "It sounds to me that your officious offer are more of bets than of habits."

Shin: "(I think) it's OK to meddle in (other's business). We are companions, aren't we?"

Shuu: "(*laugh*) Really?"

Ryo: "Companions...You guys might be what I would call...a 'Family'."

Shuu: "RIGHT!"

Seiji: "I am glad that you think so."

Shin: "Great! I agree, too."

Touma: "A 'Family'?...maybe."

Ryo: "See, Shuu. One day, after the fight ends....could I visit your home?"

Shuu: "E? EEE? EEEEEE?"

Ryo: "And treat me with your homemade cooking, will you?"

Shuu: "OF COURSE!!! Leave everything to me!! I'll feed you until your cried out begging me to stop!"

(Everyone speaks at the same time about what they're going to eat while Shuu screams for them to stop)

Shuu: "Hey, hey! YOU GUYS! STOP! STOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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