Kourinden: Stage Five: Fuga

Seiji: *Where is here?*

(At this moment, if you turn the volume up, you can hear the Japanese children's song 'Kagome'. The line is 'Kagome, kagome, kago no naka no tori wa, itsuitsu de yaru. yoale no ban ni, tsuru to kame ga subetta, ushiro no shoumen dare?'----Put into translation, it's like 'the cage's mesh, the cage's mesh, the bird inside the cage, when does you come out? At the dawn of the night, crane and turtle slided. Who is the person behind my back?' I know it makes little sense, but many children's song are like this. There is a game go with the song. A child whose eyes are covered stands in the middle, and the other children walks in a circle surronding the child. When the song stop, the middle child has to guess who is the one right behind him/her. If he/she is right, the other child will be the child in the middle of the circle.)

(Girl singing)
Seiji: *That girl? What a clear voice. I had heard this before a long time ago. Does the girl has the same flow as I have inside my body? ..........*
'Such beautiful eyes. You said you know me?'

Girl: 'Yes.'

Seiji: 'And this dear feeling. I know you, too.....I can't recall it.'

Girl: 'You'll know it soon.'

Seiji: 'I want you to come into my arm, my chest.'

Girl: 'Yes.'

Seiji: 'She disappeared.'

Doctor: 'It's all right. There is nothing to worry. I have brought the object that is more important than your life from the bank of the Styx again. Go now. Go now. I will inform you if something happens.'
(Door closed)

(The background song at this moment, is the Japanese children's song 'Touryanse (Literally, "Please Let Me Pass"'). The line is 'Touryanse, Touryanse, koko ha doko no hosomichi ja, Tenjin-sama no hosomichi ja, chitto toushite kudashanse, goyou no nai mono toushasenu, kono ko no nanatsu no oiwai ni, ofuda o osame ni mairimasu. iki ha yoi-yoi, kaeri ha kowai, kowai nagara mo touryanse touryanse (In the CD, only part of the song is sang.'----Put into translation, it's like 'Please let me pass. Please let me pass. What is this narrow road? This is the narrow road leads to the Tenjin-sama (One of the Shindo God). Please, let me pass through. I can't let anyone who has no business (to do with the Tenjin-sama) to pass through. I'll come back at the celebration of this child's seventh birthday with the amulet. Going is easy easy. Coming back is fearful/difficult. Although I feel fearful, please let me pass. Please let me pass.' There is a game go with the song similar to the game of children's song "London Bridge" here.

I was told that this song also means "You won't be able to come back alive (or that It's very difficult to come back alive) when you go to see the God". The song is used in Korinden probably because Seiji has had a "difficult coming back" from death.)

Seiji: 'A ....a dream.'

Doctor: 'You're awake. It's good that you calmed down. You've fought so hard, Seiji.'

Seiji: 'Here is....I am....?'

Doctor: 'Do you recognize me?'

Seiji: 'Dr. Tokita.'

Dr. Tokita: 'You passed.'

Seiji: 'I was....'

Dr. Tokita: 'It was chaos a few moments ago. Your grandmother fainted, your grandfather cried and yelled, and your parents both acted like the ants in a hot pan.'

Seiji: 'Aa, that's right!.....AA!'

Dr. Tokita: 'You're such a reckless guy. I can't believe that you came back from the dead twice.'

Seiji: 'How..how is the child?'

Dr. Tokita: 'She's all right. Thanks to you. And she did dance for the offering in the Festival.'

Seiji: 'I see.'

Dr. Tokita: 'It's so interesting looking at her, wearing a gaudy kimono and have bobbed black hair. It's just how you are looked like fifteen years ago.'

Seiji: 'Fifteen years ago...I was the child....?'

Dr. Tokita: 'You were terribly sick when you were young. So your grandfather made you dress up as a girl in order to protect the important heir of the Date clan from the evil things such as illness and death. Actually it is not an unusual practice for famous clans such as the emperor's clan, or the Shungun's clan.'

Seiji: 'as a girl..'

Dr. Tokita: 'And it has it's own origin. Girls with their good immunity and resistance to decease do have stronger living strengths. You were as beautiful as other girls around the area at that time.' 'However, your eyes haven't changed. They are good eyes that look at the world unswervingly.'

Seiji: *I see! The girl I met when I was at the edge of life and death was actually myself!*
'So I'm not actually interested in little girls.'

Dr. Tokita: 'What happened? Why do you laugh, Seiji?'

Seiji: 'No, nothing.'

Dr. Tokita: 'Seiji, are you asleep?'

(Girl singing)
Ryo: 'Seiji!'
Shuu: 'Yo, Seiji!'
Touma: 'Seiji!'
Shin: 'Seiji!'

Seiji: 'I feel great.'

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