Tsuki: Stage Five: Cry of the Earth

Ryo: "Shuu!"

Touma: "You really come back?"

Shin: "Shuu!"

Shuu: "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! YOU YOUJA! You're so hopeless that you believe your victory when you totally forget my existence. EVERYONE! I'LL SAVE YOU RIGHT NOW!"

Gogasha: "What? There is still someone left? Good. I'll praise you for your high-spirit, but you'll be able to say such bluff only now. You're going to become a victim of 'the Ball of Moon Hell' as well."

Ryo: "Shuu! Look out!"

Touma: "Escape! Shuu!"

Gogasha: "The power of 'the Ball of Moon Hell'! Crush that little brat with the weight of Heaven!"

(Shuu screams)

Gogasha: "Receive the weight of Heaven and crush!! (*laugh*)"

Shin: "Shuu!!!"

(Shuu groans)

Gogasha: "Why??? How can he still stands when he receives all the weight of Heaven?"

Shuu: "Ba..ka.yaroo, I'm..Kongo no Shuu..whom is protected by the power..of the Earth. There is no way...for the Earth to be crushed by the weight of Heaven!!!"

Gogasha: "You!!"

Shuu: "The Real Power...should be used in this way! Everyone! Wait for me! I'll crush that whirlpool with KanTetsuSai. KAAANTEETSUUSAIIIII!!!!!"

(Gogasha screams)

Shuu: "Everyone! Are you all right?"

Ryo: "Shuu....you returned."

Shuu: "OF COURSE! We are companions!"

Seiji: "Stupid! You are so late!"

Shuu: "Don't complain when you're saved! I'll finish this youja. Everyone! Step back!"

Gogasha: "You! Your retort ends here! I'll show you the power of "the Ball of Moon Hell"!"

Shuu: "(I'm ready for you to) come from anywhere!"

(Sound of fighting)

Touma: "It's not good! Shuu can't control his power when he is so concentrated with fighting!"

Ryo: "The surrounding will be destroyed at this rate. We have to stop Shuu!"

Seiji: "Ryo! What do you intend to do with such a (weakened) body!!"

Shin: "Ryo!"

Ryo: "Shuu's armor, the armor of Earth is the most powerful armor. If they continue to fight, not only the Tokyo Gulf, but the whole (metropolitan) Tokyo will be destroyed! It would be too late if something like that happened!"

Shin: "But even then! It's still too much for you right now!"

Ryo: "Too much? That is unimportant now. I have to stop Shuu NOW. We do not only fight for defeating youja, remember? If this city is destroyed, there is no meaning in fighting!.....The swords of Rekka! Give me the power once more!!"

Touma: "You don't say! Ryo...SouEnZan?"

Seiji: "It's reckless! Ryo! Stoop!!!"


Shin: "Ryo!"

(Gogasha screams)

Shuu: "Ryo?! RYOOOOO!!!!"

(Ryo moans)

Shuu: "What a reckless thing you did with such (weakened) body!!"

Ryo: "If....you...continue..to fight..at this rate...The Tokyo Gulf..will..be destroyed...So is the Sea of Yohohama...which you treasured...So is the place..where your family...lives...everywhere.... How can..I allow such a thing to happen?"

Shuu: "..Ryo...you...You understand me...understood, and stopped me?"

Ryo: "I don't...want you to...lose your own home...town."

Shuu: "BAKAYAROOOU!!! ....What a guy you are..."

Gogasha: "(moaning) (I made) a mistake...You still hold such power."

Shin: "What? He is still alive?"

Touma: "The SouEnZan could not reach its full potential with Ryo's current condition."

Gogasha: "YOU! LITTLE BRATS!!! In this case, I'm going to use all the power of the full moon!"

Ryo: "..I won't...allow...you...to do...so...Go.gasha!"

Shuu: "Don't be so reckless, Ryo! Leave everything to me now. I won't disappoint you with everything you showed me at the risk of your own life."

Ryo: "Shuu."

Shuu: "YOUJA! You really enraged me...BE PREPARED (TO DIE)"


Seiji: "(*yelling*) Aaah! My body...is being dragged..away."

(Ryo screams)

Shin: "(*yelling*) Ryo!"

Seiji: "(*yelling*) Shin! We two hold Ryo's hands down!!"

Shin: "(*yelling*) All right!"

Touma: "(*yelling*) Hold something! (Pause)I understand!!! His power...is probably coming from the attractive force of the moon!"

Seiji: "Attractive force?"

Touma: "That 'Ball of Moon Hell' could probably bring together all the moon's attractive force at one point! This great power...must rest on tonight's full moon!!"

Shin: "What? Then we can only defeat him by attacking the moon?"

Seiji: "Don't talk impossible! What are you telling us to do?"

Shin: "It will still be a long time until the moon set."

Seiji: "It is impossible to destroy the moon!"

Touma: "That's right! What should we do?"

Gogasha: "How is it? Do you now understand the dreadfulness of my power? EEEEEIII...Let me finish you! GEEECCHOOOUHAAAA!!!"

Shuu: "Again? .....At this rate, the armor of Kongo will...some time..."

Touma: "Hm?"

Shin: "What?"

Seiji: "What happened? His power is getting weaker!"

Shin: "? The moon is hiding!"

Touma: "That's impossible! There is no one cloud in the sky!!"

Gogasha: "......Dash it!"

Shuu: "I don't care whatever the reason is! I'll take this chance! LET'S GO! YOUJA!!"

Shin: "Great! Shuu!"

Gogasha: "You!!"

Shuu: "What happened? He becomes so weak when the moon is hiding!!! Everyone! Let's finish him before the moon comes out again!"

Touma: "Good! Let's go!"

Shin: "Yes!"

(Sound of fighting)

Gogasha: "The moon...the moon is not coming out yet?"

Shuu: "How could it come out so easily!"

Shin: "It doesn't look good! The moon begins to show a little by a little!"

Shuu: "What did you say?"

Gogasha: "(*laugh*) It will be mine if only the moon comes out!"

Shuu: "It's no good!"

Touma: "Then let's cover the moon using our own power!!"

Shin: "How...?"

Touma: "Let's combine our skills/sure-kills together. Shin! You make the sea water into small particles by ChouRyuuHa, and I'll roll up them!"

Seiji: "Are you going to start a fog?"

Touma: "Seiji! Your Raikouzan, too! Create the invisible magnetic field and natural electric wave using the lightning!"

Seiji: "Understood!"


Gogasha: "What? What is ...this fog?"

Shuu: "Great! The thick cloud made by ShinKuuHa and ChouRyuuHa, plus the lightning from RaiKouZan, any moon will be hided!"

Touma: "NOW!! SHUU!"

Gogasha: "Che...!"

Shuu: "BE PREPARED!! GOGASHA!!! This hit, is for your base of power: 'the Ball of Moon Hell'! KAAANTETSUUUSAAAAI!!!!"

Gogasha: "'The Ball of Moon Hell'!!!!!"


Gogasha: "Silly! How can I be defeated....(*SCREAMING*)"

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