Tenkuuden: Stage Five: Danger Overhead

Arago: 'What? Garyuuda has disappeared, you say? That failure, what does he think he can do by himself?'

Badamon: 'He is probably trying to achieve some victories in the human's world in order to catch Lord Arago's attention.'

Arago: 'Such a stupid guy! When he holds no noteworthy skill...'

Badamon: 'But he is a rare youja who can send his power to a far distance.'

Arago: 'Then, he should combine his power with someone else so that he can be of some use. It's impossible for him to do anything by himself. Don't mind about him! Forget about it!'

Badamon: 'Yes.'

Arago: 'The troopers still don't understand the real truth of youjakai. Just wait. I'll drag all of you here soon. (*laugh*)'

* * *

(In the passenger airplane)
Pilot: ' What is this?'
'Captain! All the meters are....!!!'

Captain: 'What's really happening!'

'It's no good! The electric wave is weird, too.'

Captain: 'Don't get over-anxious! Calm down and check to see if they're out of order. Face everything calmly.'

Pilot: 'Yes.'

* * *

Ryo: 'The armor orb is glowing so brightly. There is no mistake that this is a youja's doing!'

Seiji: 'Mine begins to glow, too. The enemy is close!'

Shuu: 'What's that?'

Touma: 'Youja!'

Garyuuda: 'Too bad.'

Seiji: 'Is that (trouble of) passenger plane your doing?'

Garyuuda: 'I am Garyuuda from Youjakai, who controls things from a distance.'

Shin: 'Garyuuda.'

Ryo: 'Stop affecting that passenger plane!'

Garyuuda: 'Silly! Let me show you my power.'

Shin: 'Hey, that's not the plane Touma's mother is on, right?'

Touma: 'I have no idea.'

Ryo: 'You said you're called Garyuuda, right? We will be your opponents!'

Garyuuda: 'What? You are a human being who don't know yourself!'

Ryo: 'Then we'll let you understand soon! Everyone! Armor up!'

Everyone: 'Aah!'

Garyuuda: '...Aah...you are...'

Ryo: 'The Warriors of Armor, Samurai Troopers!'

Garyuuda: 'You're That Warriors of Armor?'

Touma: 'Correct!'

Shuu: 'Come (anywhere) anytime!'

Garyuuda: 'YOU!'

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