Kourinden: Stage Four: Friends Who Embrace the Light

Seiji: 'Where is here? I am...?'

Seiji: 'What is this sound? Aa! That child! You! You, wait please!'

Girl: 'um-hm.'

Seiji: 'You....know me?'

Girl: 'Yes.'

Seiji: 'You look like someone. Who is that? It's incredible. Please come closer.'

(running away)
Seiji: 'Oh, Please Wait!'

(Seiji felling into water)
Seiji: *I can't breath!*

Youko: 'And then..?'

Woman #1: 'O. K. You'll feel better.'

Woman #2: 'Blood pressure is stable.'

(Inside the water)
Seiji: 'No....Aaa!'

(coming out from the water)
(Seiji coughing)
Seiji: '...Shin...Shin!'

Shin: '(*laugh*) I didn't know that you can't swim.'

Seiji: 'It's not that I can't swim. And...when did I fell into the water?!....Oh! There is something in the water!'

Shin: 'Seiji! Hold (my hand) tightly!'
'(You're) so persistent. How can I give Seiji to you jerks???'
'It's all right! I will protect you!'

Seiji: 'It's all right. I'll be all right by myself.'

Shin: 'Leave it to me!'

Seiji: 'Shin! Oh! My forehead! The kanji is...!'

Shin: 'My heart of Trust is responding to you.'

Seiji: 'It's unbelievable. What is this warm feeling?'

Shin: 'You called your companions!! CHOOOORYUUUHAAAA!!!!'

Seiji: 'Shin, go to the bank.'

Shuu: 'Yes, Give me your hands.'

Seiji: 'Shuu!'

Shin: 'Take care of the rest. I'll hold the chasers here.'

Shuu: 'Just leave it to me. Seiji, let's go.'

Seiji: 'But, we can't just leave Shin...'

Shin: 'Don't worry. Who can win against Suiko no Shin inside the water? One or two of such jerks....Go. Seiji. You have to go to where you should go.'

Seiji: 'The place....I should go?'

Shin: 'Shuu, it's left to you!'

Shuu: 'Yes.'

(Stop Running)
Shuu: 'Here they come.'

Seiji: 'What?'

Shuu: 'They thought that Kongo no Shuu is an easy meat! Such tricks only work for children!'

Shuu: 'How can I hand over Seiji to you by such little tricks?'
'Seiji! Hide behind me!'
Seiji: 'No, I'll fight, too.'

Shuu: 'Don't overwork yourself! Right now all you should do is thinking about yourself. What? It's easy easy very easy even if I fight alone with such fellows!'

Seiji: *It's incredible. What is this warm power that comes out from the deepest place inside my body?*
'Shuu! You too...!'

Shuu: 'Ate my power! You can't think about anything good when you're hungry!'

Seiji: 'I'm ....healed.'


(Sound of wind)
Shuu: 'Shit! This is no escape!'

Seiji: 'Shuu, it's O.K. I'll fight, too.'

Shuu: 'Your power is so low that you can't even materialize your beloved Korin's sword. NO WAY! NO WAY! I'll be beaten into a s--- by the others if anything happens to you here!'
'These jerks!'

Seiji: 'But,'

Shuu: 'Seiji! Jump, jump to your heart's content.'

Seiji: 'What?'

Shuu: 'What? You're afraid of heights?'

Seiji: 'No, I'm not!'

Shuu: 'Go! Hurry up! This is the only way for you to survive. Seiji! Jump! I have my limits, too! Don't waste time!...Waaa!!'

Seiji: 'Shuu!'

Shuu: 'GOOO!!'

Seiji: 'Shuu! SHUUUUU!!!'

(Sound of wind)
Seiji: 'What...What sound is this?! A..a tornado!'

(Seiji screaming)
Seiji: 'What a strong power. My body seems to be falling into pieces!'

Touma: 'Don't worry, I'll protect you.'
'Hold me tight. It will be the end if you are blown into the tornado.'

Seiji: '...This is...!!! Korin's sword appears in my hand?'

Touma: 'Great.'

Seiji: 'I feel I'm overflowing with the power. Come! You monsters!'

Touma: 'Stop, Seiji! You have no time to waste here!'

Seiji: 'But we can't get out from this tornado if we don't win over this dragon-like monster.'

Touma: 'The sword is certainly no match against him. I'll jump into the swirl. Shinkuuha will be able to penentrate his body.'

Seiji: 'But, if you do such a thing...'

Touma: 'If you want to gamble, you should put the wager on the bet that is the most likely to win, right? Hold out.'

Seiji: 'Touma....Touma. Laugh at me! Scoff at me! Now I understand clearly. I was not afraid of fighting. I was afraid of meeting everyone again with no reason because I had lost myself. I...I feel so ashamed.'

Touma: 'It's surely the same for anyone. But I don't think fighting is a special thing. Anyone is fighting for something.'
'It's coming!'
'Go! Seiji, go straight to the place where someone is waiting for you.'

Seiji: 'Where is here?'
(sound of buring)
'What? Fire?'
(Fire rising)

Seiji: 'No..It's hopeless.'
(Seiji coughs)
'It seems, my destiny, end here. Sorry.'


Seiji: 'Ryo.'

Ryo: 'I waited for you. Seiji.'

Seiji: 'Your hands are so warm. It seems everyone's warmth rested inside my body.'

Woman: 'All right. It's finished.'

Youko: 'More! Please take more! I'll be all right!'

Doctor: 'Blood transfusion is not something the more the better. Let's wait and see.'

Ryo: 'Take a rest, you have worked so hard.'

Seiji: 'I think I was treated like a child by everyone.'

Ryo: 'It can't be helped. The previous you is even more childish than Jun. However, you're able to fight by yourself now.'

Seiji: 'Yes. I have received everyone's heart. Shin's heart of Trust, Shuu's heart of Justice, Touma's heart of Wisdom, and Ryo's'

Ryo: 'the heart of Virtue.'

Seiji: 'Hm'

Ryo: 'We can only help you up to here.'

Seiji: 'See you again! Thank you for teaching me that fighting is within one's own heart.'

Ryo: 'We teached you nothing. But, if you thought that way, you found it yourself.'

Seiji: 'Thank you. I won't forget it even in the middle of fighting.'
'The evil that threatens human being's heart! Receive my rage that with the hearts of Virtue, Justice, Wisdom, Trust, and Courtesy! My Raikouzan tonight is different than it was before.'
'Choutandou RAIIKOOOUZAAAAN!!!!'

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