Tenkuuden: Stage Four: The Hashiba Family

Shin: (on the phone with his mother) 'I know. I'm O.K. Don't worry. Then, take care. Say hello to sister and brother (in-law) for me.'

Shuu: 'It seems nothing has changed.'

Shin: 'Yes, she told me to say hello to everyone.'

Ryo: 'Now I remember. Shin has a mother and an elder sister.'

Shuu: 'YES!. And he'll have a brother-in-law pretty soon.'

Shin: 'I feel sorry for Ryo being the only child.'

Ryo: 'Baka, don't worry about me. Everyone has one's own business.'

Shuu: 'That's right. Or what should I do? There are people everywhere under my roof.'

Seiji: 'Family is not something that the bigger the better.'

Shuu: 'Seiji must go through a lot, in a family where women are more powerful!'

Seiji: 'It's none of your business!'

Touma: 'Come to think about it, I haven't check my answer machine for a while. Excuse me, Nasti! May I borrow the phone?'

Nasti: 'Go ahead, I don't mind.'


Shuu: 'Answer machine? In your voice? Let me listen!!'

Touma: 'STOP IT!'


Touma: (answer machine running) 'This is Hashiba. I'll not be at home for a while. Please leave your name and message.'

Shuu: 'You "ACTED" so properly.'

Touma: 'Stupid, give me back!!'

Shuu: 'What? Why? It's OK.'

Voice #1: 'What? You're not back yet? Hey, phone me back!!'

Touma: 'Who is this?'

Shuu: 'You don't know him?'

Shin: 'There are always people who leave no names.'

Voice #2: 'The research is prolonged, and I won't be able to go back for a while. That's all.'

Touma: 'Well, well.'

Shuu: 'Your Dad?'

Touma: 'Yeah.'

Voice #3: 'TOUMA-KUN, I'm in LA right now. I'll arrive at Narita airport around 4 o'clock next Sunday. I'll bring you some gift when I see you next time. (I'll) Phone again in the evening. BYE!!'


Touma: 'Idiot, she is my mother.'

Shuu: 'She is? HEY!'

Seiji: 'What happened?'

Shuu: 'Touma's mother sounds so young, and she called Touma "Touma-kun"(this addressing using '-kun' by a mother is very unusual with an older child as in Touma's age)'

Ryo: 'Really?'

Touma: 'No..that is...She is....'

Seiji: 'What are you blushing for?'

Touma: 'You're noisy!'

Nasti: 'Touma, what did she say?'

Touma: 'Well, she said that she will come back from LA next Sunday.'

Nasti: 'Then, let's go and welcome her.'


Ryo: 'Me too. She is a journalist, isn't she?'

Nasti: 'And Touma has never gone to Narita airport before. It won't be good if you get lost.'

Seiji: 'That's true.'

Shin: 'And we can also go and check Tokyo on the way.'

Shuu: 'Good. It's done.'

Touma: 'Hey, don't decide it without my agreement.'

Ryo: 'No. Everyone has the same opinion. It's decided.'

(All the others celebrated.)

Touma: What happened to everyone! So uncomprehensible!"

* * *

Touma: 'To state it clearly, My mother is indeed very young. She gave birth of me at age 18, and is still 32 right now. In addition, because of her job...no, because of her inborn personality, she is even younger inside. Or I should say, she has a rather light personality. And it's hard to believe she is an international journalist. Even she had divorced with father and left the family, she is still the one who treats me the most humanistically (than anyone else).'

* * *

(Noise of traffic)
Ryo: 'There is no sign of youja in Tokyo anymore.'

Seiji: 'It looks like we don't need to worry about it right now.'

Touma: 'Saranbo is an example. We should not relax too early.'(Saranbo is the youja that appeared in TV episode #20 and #21)

Shin: 'And there is no proof of Arago's death at that time.'

Shuu: 'But it's always so crowded here no matter what time we come. We did the right thing to get out early.'


Shuu: 'I 'drank' it already.'

Touma: 'YOU......!!'

Shin: 'I thought this might happen. Hey, Touma, I made some rice balls just in case.'

Touma: 'SHIN! You could be a good wife!'

Shin: 'What are you talking about?'

Nasti: 'Now we just need to wait to get to the Narita airport.'

Shuu: 'And we still have a lot of time. I want to go to the restaurant inside the airport.'

Shin: 'You still want to eat?'

Seiji: 'What kind of stomach do you have?'

Shuu: 'Why not, it's OK.'

* * *

Touma: 'My mother divorced with my difficult "Mad Scientist" father when I was 12, and returned to a life fills up with work. Anyway, she was not a person who can stay at home (all the time) from the beginning. From what I've seen, my parents got along pretty well even when they're over 10 years apart in age. However, both love their own jobs very much, and they must feel that their lives were limited by the marriage. (As for me,) I also didn't want to limit them with my existence. For them, divorce won't bother them too much. I want them to live freely. It's a pity if they waste their own talents because of a perverse son like me. I thought so at that time.'

* * *

Ryo: 'Hey! It's strange!'

Shin: 'What's wrong?'

Ryo: 'Look there! The sky over there! The movement of that passenger plane!'

Shuu: 'It's true! That's strange!!!'

Ryo: 'It was OK just a moment ago, but...'

Touma: 'The movement is so absurd! I can only think that some kind of trouble happened!'

Shuu: 'An accident?'

Nasti: 'You don't say! Everyone! Is that the doing of youja?'

Ryo: 'Youja?'

Touma: 'Hey, everyone! Look! The armor orb is glowing!'

Shuu: 'Mine, too!'

Seiji: 'It looks like that this is not an ordinary accident.'

Ryo: 'Nasti, is the airport far from here?'

Nasti: 'We'll arrive there in a minute.'

Ryo: 'Then Nasti, please go to the airport first. We'll get off right here.'

(Car stopped)

Ryo: 'Let's go. Everyone!'

Everyone: 'Yes!'


Nasti: 'Be careful, everyone!'

(Car started)

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