Kourinden: Stage Three: Wandering

(Music stopped)
Seiji: *A child? A girl.*

'You! You! Don't go away...please...'
(Girl singing: "Don-don. Don-don."(repeated))

Seiji: 'What? Ha....a...ha...(panting)'

*I can breath again. A beautiful girl. Just like a Japanese doll, in a Chiyogami-like (Japanese paper with colored figures) gaudy kimono, with shining black hair. And what pretty intently eyes! They are looking at the world unswervingly.....I must have met her somewhere before.*

Seiji: 'Ha? Wait... My breath is...again...Wait...please'

Shuu: 'Seiji! Why are you losing yourself in your thoughts?'

Woman: 'Doctor, it's not working. The heart did not recover!'

Doctor: 'Do it again. Do the electrical shock again!'

Seiji: 'Aaa!'

Ryo: 'Seiji! hey, Brace up!'

Shin: 'What happened? What are you thinking about in the middle of a fight...Haa!'

Shuu: 'You can't, have enough, lives to waste, if you keep doing, such a thing!'

Seiji: '...Why is everyone here?'

Shuu: 'WATCH OUT! Are you half asleep? Really! You are such a lazy raiser!'

Seiji: 'Am I still fighting?'

Touma: 'It'll be better to do the thinking when the fight is over!'

Seiji: 'Touma, Who are these enemies?'

Touma: 'I don't know!'

Seiji: 'You don't know??'

Shuu: 'There is no time, to think about, such things! All you can do, is just, fight, punch them, and survive, as we do now! See! You lost in your thoughts again!'

Seiji: *As expected, the meaningless fighting started again. I was afraid of this. If I meet them again, there is going to be someone's blood spreading, be it an enemy's, be it a companion's! I didn't want to meet them again! Such things won't happen if I just don't meet them again!*

Ryo: 'Seiji! Armor up!'

Seiji: 'Aaaa!'

Ryo: 'Are you, O.K.? Shuu! Cover us! Seiji is hurt!'

Shuu: 'YES! Brace up! What? This kind of injury will be healed if you just lick it! Shin! Help me here!'

Shin: 'O. K.'

Seiji: 'I'm sorry.'

Shuu: 'It's O.K.'

Seiji: 'My body is ... so heavy...I can hardly breath..aa.'

Shuu: '...These guys...They are so, persistent!'

Seiji: '...Why? Why are the enemy....Aa'

Shuu: 'Seiji? Hey, SEIJI! BRACE UP!! AAA!!!'

Shin: 'SHUU!!!'

Ryo: 'Are you all right? Shuu?'

Shuu: 'I'm, all right. At...at least..we should take Seiji...to somewhere...safe.'

(Seiji groaning)
Touma: 'Hold on, hold on! Seiji! You are not a person who will be beaten because of such a minor thing like this!'

Seiji: *Everyone...because of me....! And I was avoiding meeting everyone!....Ah, my forehead! The kanji of 'Courtesy' is aching! Do I still own the yoroi ball? I'm not alone! I'm a Samurai Trooper!* 'Everyone! It's all right! Please escape! They are not someone we can win! Please! Please escape, if you continue to fight....Don't...DON'T MIND ME ANYMORE!!'

(Seiji groans)
Woman #1: 'Doctor! The client has returned to conscious!'

Woman #2: 'Brace up! Please brace up!'

Woman #1: 'Prepare a new intravenous drip bottle, and get ready for the anesthesia!'

Woman #2: 'Yes.'

Doctor: 'There is no need!.'

Woman #1: 'Why? He is conscious, and is feeling so much pain!'

Doctor: 'It doesn't matter! If you put him under anesthesia, he will die suddenly (in his sleep). As long as he can feel the pain at least he won't die!'

Woman #1: 'But, so much...'

Doctor: 'Don't argue! Hold him in the place!'

Woman #1 and #2: 'Yes!'

Doctor: 'I had saved this child once before from crossing the Styx. A child who had died once, who has the strongest living force than anyone, which will keep him alive. And I will keep him alive.'

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