Tsuki: Stage Three: Moonlight Night

(sound of people's noise)
Shuu: "I was born and grew up at this lively town. There are a lot different faces of Yokohama. The Central City that fills with expensive hotels and shops, the European style Renga Road and the modern fashioned Washa Road, the 'Foreigner Walkway', a promenade of quiet, expensive atmosphere, the Park-That-Oversees-The-Harbor, the Ishigawa Chuushou Tenga near the Yamashita Park which is famous of its high-class stores, the Chinatown, and the Yokohama Harbor which is right across it. I believe that there is no other place like this one that has so many different but all well-beloved sides in a single city. There are good things and bad things of human beings, but whenever I see the people of this city, I feel the greatness of human beings! Especially the people of my Chinatown, they have so much energy. Even when my heart and body are like Japanese as I was born and grew up in Japan, I still love this town, and love my family! That's why I want to fight. I want to protect this town, and my precious family with my own power.

I have a big family: Dad, Mom, young brothers and sisters, and a Grandfather as well, although without direct biological connection. It's so lively/crowded/cheerful in my house....However, comparing to me, Ryo grew up alone because he was the only child. His father is a photographer that he almost never stays at home. In addition, Ryo lives in the deep mountain where is far away from people. Although being a person grew up in the urban area, I sometimes envy that he can live with the rich Nature...but...I think, maybe because of all these, Ryo is not very good asking others for support. Yet, he treats others so good. He treats us the companions too important that he always takes the disadvantages himself. For instance, regarding the white armor, Ryo believes that everything is his fault. But in order to transform to that armor, we had to send Ryo our armors' power. Then Ryo is not the only one who is supposed to have the responsibility!

Ryo! Hey, Live with ease! If you continue to live in a tense way all the time, you'll breakdown one day. I feel so fearful seeing you act like that! But...I don't know how to tell you that....That's why I want to take Ryo to my home!! Everyone in my house treat anyone the same way they treat their own family. We'll be like a big family in no time! I thought I could show Ryo what a 'Family' means. But...just as Touma and the others' had said, it's indeed unfair that I'm the only one who can go back and see the family just because I'm the closest."

Woman #1: "This is Great! Is this the Yokohama Harbor?"

Man #1: "Yes, this Yamashita Park is the closest site to the harbor."

Woman #1: "Are these real ships?"

Man #1: "Of course."

Man #2: "The Yokohama Bay Bridge is going to be built here, isn't it?"

Man #3: "It seems so."

Shuu: "I was so angry that I ran to here, but I can't just go home now..."

Woman #2: "Excuse me, where is the Yokohama Marine Tower?"

Shuu: "Go out of this park, turn left, and it's right on that street. See that's it (point to the tower)."

Woman #2: "What! That it is?! Thank you!"
(Running back) "ne ne ne, He said that 'That it is'."

Woman #3: "What. We are like fools!"

Woman #4: "We made such shameful mistake."

Man #4: "I want to reserve the Dolphin'."

Woman #5: "I know about it! It is the restaurant in the song!"

Shuu: "It seems so unreal that Tokyo, which is so close, was controlled by the youjas just recently."

Woman #6: "I find out where is the most delicious place for 'Yanmu-Cha'(Dim-Sum, Cantonese style buffet) in Chinatown!"

Woman #7: "Really? Where? Where?"

Shuu: "Everyone forgot about youja. They don't even know that youja are not destroyed yet. Protecting this peace is my role....No, it's my dream!"

(The other side of the Harbor)

Shin: "Shuu is so late."

Touma: "He must be at home. He'll be satisfied once he sees his family."

Seiji: "It's sunset already. We better go back as well."

Shin: "I phoned Nasti, but..."

Touma: "He is such a troublemaker! We don't even know when we'll have to fight withyouja again, and ..."

Ryo: "Maybe he's kept back by his family since they haven't seen him for so long."

Touma: "So? Maybe he misses his Mom so much that he doesn't want to come back."

Shin: "That's impossible."

Ryo: "Mom....Everyone must want to see his family..."

Shin: "Ryo."

Seiji: "Come to think about it, Ryo lives with Father only."

Ryo: "Maybe I didn't understand Shuu's feeling because I don't understand the bonding of a family."

Touma: "Then I'm from a similar environment, too."

Shin: "He knows that his important family is just across the harbor. Shuu's age is close to his brothers and sisters. They must be worried about him."

Ryo: "The town and family that are important to Shuu....Shuu knows well what he wants to protect. Maybe that is his base of power."

Touma: "Even so, wasn't he too insensible that he didn't consider about Ryo's feelings?"

Ryo: "No. Shuu has a strong sense of duty and sympathy. Maybe he just tried to show me what is a 'Family'."

Seiji: "It's possible."

Touma: "This's what I would say 'Mind your own business!'."

Ryo: "I feel that I think about fighting too much that I forgot something important until now."

Shin: " 'Something important'?"

Ryo: "Why do we fight?"

Seiji: "Why?"

Ryo: "Why do we need to get rid of youja?"

Touma: "That's because...They attack the human's world, right?"

Ryo: "We protect the human's world because we want to protect our family and companions, don't we?"

Touma: "....That's true."

Ryo: "I haven't thought things in this way since the fighting has begun....I only felt....something more vague...."

Seiji: "That is....really true..."

Ryo: "I think that's why I couldn't understand Shuu's feelings just a moment ago."

Shin: "um, maybe."

Ryo: "Maybe we did something bad to Shuu."

Touma: "Ryo! You are such an entity filled with kindness. How can you think about things so kindly?"

Shin: "That's because Ryo is the warrior of 'Jin(=benevolence)'."

Ryo: "It must be good to have a family."

Seiji: "Well. When a family exists...it is noisy at times."

Shin: "Seiji's home/family seems pretty difficult to deal with."

Touma: " Are you talking about the problem of Status'?" (Seiji's family has a long tradition.)

Seiji: " I was talking about 'the shameful story of my family'. Forget it." ( Miuchi no haji'= one's relatives' shame, something one should not talk about to an outsider.)

Touma: "Come to think about it. We all have very complex family relationships, don't we?"

Seiji: "What? You only find out it NOW? I am amazed/(I can't believe it) when I heard your IQ is 250."

Touma: "HEY! What did you say!"

Shin: "Cut it off. Cut it off! See, a beautiful moon just raised."

Seiji: "Oh. Today is full moon."

Ryo: "It's beautiful."

Gougasha: "That's right. Tonight is full moon. It is the best night to show the power of me, Gougasha!"

Touma: "What!"

Seiji: "Someone is here."

Shin: "A Youja!"

Ryo: "Youja! Show yourself!"

Gougasha: "That's right. I , Gougasha, am the youja that hold the greatest power in youjakai. I'll make you pay for the resentfulness of Lord Arago."

Ryo: "Gougasha!"

Touma: "You guys never learn."

Seiji: "It will be the same no matter how many times you try. We won't retreat in front of a youja!"

Gougasha: "I see. You little brats only have mouths of Men. But this Gougasha will be so different from the Masho. I'll make you understand the power of 'the Ball of Moon Hell'."

Seiji: "What is this?"

(Everyone screams)

Shin: "The sea water is retreating!"

Touma: "What is this great pressure?"

Gougasha: "This is the power of 'the Ball of Moon Hell'. How do you like it?"

Seiji: "If it is so, then..!"

Ryo: "WAIT! Seiji! If you use the surekill here, you'll destroy the neighborhood!"

Shin: "The building exploded!"

Touma: "So are the ships!"

Gougasha: "Next....is this!"

Seiji: "The sea water is winded up!"

(Everyone screams)

Shin: "This is....I'd rather use the power of Suiko then let everyone being killed here. CHOOURYUUUHAA! NO! ChouRyuuHa is....absorbed?!"

Gougasha: "(*laugh*)Ha ha ha, Such skill won't work on this Gougasha!"

Seiji: "Then, I'll cut the so-called "Ball of Moon Hell" into two halves with my Korinken. RAIIKOOUZAAN! The thunder of Raikousan is..."

Touma: "...absorbed by it!"

Ryo: "I can't believe that both Chouryuuha and Raikouzan did not work!"

Gougasha: "I can't believe that they can't win from these little brats! (*laugh*) ha ha ha....Go, 'the Ball of Moon Hell'! Contain the little brats with all these sea water!"

(Everyone screams)

Ryo: "Shuu! Come back please! SHUU!"

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