Kourinden: Stage Two: Wood Dance

Shin: 'What happened? Brace up!'

(Sound of a bell)
(Pushing the liter)
Men: 'Faster!'

Woman #1: 'He is bleeding so badly! You! Check his blood type!'

Woman #2: 'Yes!'

Men: 'Get the blood transfusion ready!'

Woman #2: 'Yes!' (Close the door)

(Sound of a bell)
(Music starts)
Seiji: *I...What am I doing? Japanese dance? I don't remember learning the Dance before! It's incredible. My body moves without my permission. Why? Such an elegant dance with smooth flows. Why can I hardly breath? What is this feeling of such undescribled tension? Such loneliness?*

'Is....is there anyone here?'
*I'm the only one here. So lonely. So painful.*
'Stop! STOP THE MUSIC!! It seems that my heart is going to burst!'
'Will I dance until I die? So painful...I can't breath...'

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