Tsuki: Stage Two: Labyrinth

Ryo: "Arago, the king of youja, suddenly tries to accomplish his 1000-year-old dream, that is, to control the human's world. We, the five Samurai Troopers, lead by the incredible fate, arise againsting Arago. We fought desperately ,without any place to escape to, with the unbelievably huge power of youja. However, we fought along each other; With all the power we have. And we won. We were succeeded to defeat Arago and saved Shinjuku. Even now I still can't believe it. At that time when I was left all alone by myself, I could do nothing with Arago, who had become so huge after absorbing the armors of the Four Warlords and armors of my companions. But then, I was suddenly covered by the never-seen-before white armor at the time, and was given full play to such great power. To tell the truth, I still don't understand what really happened. I just know that the white armor seemed to combine the power of all five armors and used it. And whenever the white armor was used, we all became so tired that we couldn't even stand up. The white armor is probably the crystallization of the power of all our armors. Then, why am I the only one who could use the power of the white armor? No, I don't even understand what power of that white armor is. But Youja starts to stir again, now aims for the white armor. Just as everyone is worring about, youja still exists even after we defeated Arago, the king of youja. Saranbo, the youja who attacked us when we were still suffering from the tiredness of previous fights. Saranbo captured me and tried to take the white armor, but we finally managed killing him after a desperate fight. However, we don't know what kind of youja would be after the white armor in the future....No. Maybe even Arago is not dead yet. Now we still do not understood a single thing."

(Sound of ocean wave)
Seiji: "Saranbo......he was really powerful."

Ryo: "Thank you. I can only kill him with the help of everyone."

Shin: "We know for sure now that Arago is dead, but youjas are not."

Shuu: "But if Arago is not existed anymore, all the others are nothing to worry about."

Touma: "No. There is no proof of Arago's death. We should not think too easy. In addition, Saranbo won't be the only youja who is after the white armor, either."

Shin: "The white armor that even youjas desire for...."

Seiji: "I take that means...we should be very careful until we know the essence of the armor."

Touma: "This relies on Nasuti's power again."

Ryo: "The mysterious armor that absorbs everyone's power....WHAT HELL IS IT!"

Touma: "Ryo!"

Ryo: "I can't even control the transformation of that armor now. In this circumstance, I'll cause everyone trouble."

Shuu: "Don't mind such a thing. Aren't we companions?"

Ryo: "If only I was more careful, I won't be captured by Saranbo."

Shin: "Ryo...such thing...."

Shuu: "(to himself)[I'm] worried. This kind of atmosphere is not good." "TOKYO GULF? I HAVEN'T SEEN IT FOR A WHILE! IT'S STILL NOT VERY CLEAN, ISN'T IT, SEIJI?"

Seiji: "What's wrong you? You're so abrupt."

Shuu: "That is...See? The sea in your [home] countryside is more clear, isn't it?"

Seiji: "Let me say it in front. I didn't grow up along the seaside as Shin did. .....But, it's true that it's hard to believe that this is a sea'. No sand under it, nothing."

Touma: "That's because it's artificial. The piers around here were all reclaimed ones."

Shin: "It sounds....kind sad."

(Sound of airplane)
Ryo: "I can see a jumbo so closely!"

Shuu: "That's because the Haneda (airport) is right over there. That's right! Yokohama is nearby as well!"

Seiji: "So what?"

Shuu: "Hey, there is my home in Yokohama. My hometown! And this Tokyo Gulf could be called my Backyard as well."

Touma: "Such a big talk."

Seiji: "So, this dirty sea is your backyard?"

Shuu: "It's still cleaner compares to the past, especially when the Yokohama Harbor is the harbor in Japan which has the most foreign ships coming and going. There are expensive cruises coming as well. In addition, the Yokohama Bay Bridge, the big bridge which will be finished in the near future. It will be connected to the [Tokyo] Gulf Highway. Then, my Chinatown will become so close to Tokyo!"

Shin: "Come to think about it. Shuu's home is at Chinatown in Yokohama, isn't it?"

Shuu: "That's right. I'm not bragging, but my family's restaurant has the reputation of delicious cooking. There are branch stores as well. My younger sister and I help during vacations as well. WOW!, I feel extremely hungry when I am talking about the restaurant. Hey, why don't we go to my family's restaurant now? I'll treat you with delicious food."

Touma: "Hey, don't you understand that we don't have such time now? We've just talked about it, didn't we?"

Shin: "Thank you for your kindness. But the best thing for Ryo now is to rest."

Shuu: "It's....just a little detour on our way back?"

Shin: "It's not O.K. Nasti is also worried and waiting for us now."

Shuu: "[I can] make food that's good for Ryo's health. There are 'Yakusen' in Chinese food, the food that works as medicine..."

Touma: "Shuu! No more of your jokes! Think about the situation! We have to solve the mystery of the white armor the sooner the better!"

Shuu: "I know that! But we are so close....My family will welcome you too! Hey, Ryo. It's O.K, isn't it? Just a detour to my home..."

Ryo: "Shuu. The others are right. We don't have such time right now. We have too many things that we have to do. In addition, everyone try to be patient about the feeling to go home. We can't treat you special just because your home is the closest."

Shuu: "...We...What...Why did Ryo talk this way, too? I didn't say that I want to go home, did I?"

Touma: "It's the same thing. You're still talking about going to your home, aren't you?"

Seiji: "You don't say....that you're feeling afraid to fight?"

Shuu: "DON'T BE SILLY! It's impossible! I just...want everyone..."

Ryo: "You are supposed to know that we can't act on our egocentric feelings right now, aren't you?"

Shuu: "Egocentric?"

Seiji: "What else would you call it then?"

Touma: "This fight is not a game. We have to stop youja the earlier the better."

Shin: "We will surely go after the fight is over."

(Shuu runs away)

Ryo: "SHUU!"


Touma: "Let him go! We have no need to join his childish, self-centered act."

Seiji: "He'll return in a minute anyway."

Shin: "But...this is..."

Touma: "We have no need to search for him! He understand nothing about his own current situation! It's better for him to have a chance to cool down his own head."

Ryo: "What happened to Shuu? Why did he suddenly talk about such things?"

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