Tenkuuden: Stage Two: Amazing Guys

Jun: `Touma-niichan( 'elder brother'), how do you solve this problem?'

Touma: 'Which one?.... Oh, if you payed attention in class you'll understand. You must have cut the class.'

Jun: 'No! I asked you because I don't understand. It's O.K. I'll ask Shin-niichan. Shin-niichan, how do you solve this problem?'

Shin: 'This one? It's like this...'

Touma: 'What's wrong with Jun?'

Jun: 'Oh, I understand. Thank you, Shin-niichan.'

Shin: 'Jun, you're great that you study regularly spontaneously.'
--------`Touma, a study that is nothing to you might be difficult for the others. You should be more considerable for Jun.'

Touma: 'I only said what I think is correct.'

Shin: 'Touma!'

Touma: 'Yes. I could only think from my own standard. I didn't know that even the harmless words I said might sound evil to the others at times. Therefore, I didn't understand Jun's feeling, and I took no notice of Shin's words at the time.'

* * *

(Nasti was cooking)
Shuu: 'It smells so good!'

Nasti: 'Shuu, please call the others.'

Shuu: 'OK.'

Shuu: 'Ryo, it's meal.'

Ryo: 'I'm coming now.'

Shuu: 'Seiji, it's meal time.'

Seiji: 'Ok.'

Shuu: 'Where is Touma?

Seiji: 'Well, I haven't seen him for a while...'

Shuu: 'Where did he go? (Contrary to the expectation,) He always does things in his own convenience. He KNEW when the meal time is!'

Seiji: '..On top of that tree??'

Shuu: 'AAA, he is in thaat place. HEY, TOUMA, DON'T READ A BOOK THERE. IT'S MEAL!!!'

Touma: 'Eat first. I'll eat later.'


Seiji: 'In that case, we can raise a fire under the tree.'

Shuu: 'Sounds interesting.'

(fire raising)
Touma: ' ...WHAT???'

Seiji: 'This is useful when you want the bees to come out from their nest.'

Touma: '(*coughing*)What are you guys doing???'

Shuu: '(*laugh*)You looks funny!'

Nasti: 'What are you guys doing?'

Seiji: '(*laugh*)This is interesting.'

Shuu: '(*laugh*)I'll raise a fire there, too.'

Seiji: '(*laugh*)Make the fire bigger!'

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