Tsuki: Prologue Gougasha

Anubis: "What! Gougasha has his eye on sitting in Shuten's place?"

Naaza: "That's right. He said that he is the only one who qualified for the name of the 'Four Warlords'. Such arrogant!"

Rajura: "If I remember right, he tried to convince Lord Arago (of the same thing) till the last minute before when we were selected as the Four Warlords."

Anubis: "Even when Shuten is missing now, he has no skills which match ours!"

Rajura: "Shuten...Where does he go after that incident? It's a regret to lost such a good fighter like him."

Naaza: "hm, even now I still can't believe that such a loyal person like Shuten would betray."

Anubis: "What happened to him really? Lord Arago said nothing no matter how I asked."

Rajura: "No matter who he is, I won't allow the name of Warlord to be given until every issue (regarding Shuten's missing) is cleared up."

Anubis: "Of course! The name of Warlord is our honor! Even there are only three of us left, it belongs only to us!"

Naaza: "That's right. In addition, it's simply impossible that someone else in youjakai could be as powerful as we are!"

Gougasha: "(*laugh*)What a big talk, for the people who can't even get rid of five little brats."

Naaza: "mh?"

Rajura: "You! Gougasha!"

Gougasha: "It's known to every one in youjakai that the Four Warlords, the supposed closest guards/subordinates of Lord Arago, are only incompetents with big months!"

Naaza: "What!"

Gougasha: "And Lord Arago is in such a disgrace condition now because you are all so useless. What a pity for Lord Arago."

Anubis: "You! Leave you talk and you..."

Gougasha: "I'm just stating the fact. And I heard that Oni Masho had lost contact since the incident. Isn't Oni Masho being called the strongest of all Four Warlords? I am disgusted when I heard it."

Anubis: "What do you know about! You know nothing about the real power of Shuten!"

Rajura: "We lost only because of the sudden appearance of that white armor. The human's world would have been ours if that armor had not appeared."

Gougasha: "White armor? (*laugh*) You are like an underdog giving excuses."

Anubis: "You!"

Gougasha: "I'm different from you guys who can just talk big. I'm going to prove this by going to the human's world now and kill all those little brats. When Lord Arago sees it, he'll give me the name of Warlord for sure. No. He'll want me to be the Grand Warlord who lead all the warlords without mistake."

Naaza: "Grand Warlord?"

Rajura: "Silly. It's impossible for anyone in the youjakai to lead all us Warlords!"

Gougasha: "We'll know in a moment that who is sillier. (*laugh*) ha ha ha ha"

Naaza: "Gougasha! He knows nothing!"

Anubis: "hmm. Never mind. It's impossible for the troopers to be killed by his level of power."

Rajura: "But, I heard that Gougasha's so-called 'the Ball of Moon Hell' (Note: This is a direct translation of "Tsuki-yomi no Tama"("Tsuki"means moon, "yomi" means hell/hades, "Tama" could be a ball, a jem/jewel, or a ball-shpae jem (*sweatdrop*))has great power."

Naaza: "The Ball of Moon Hell?"

Rajura: "I heard that it can gather all attracting forces in the world into one spot."

Anubis: "That's true that the power of 'the Ball of Moon Hell' is too great to be measured, but it has a big weak point."

Rajura: "A weak point?"

Anubis: "That's why he could not become a Warlord."

Naaza: "Ho ho (*laugh*) a weak point? Sounds interesting."

Rajura: "But those little brats won't know about this so-called weak point."

Anubis: "That's also true."

Naaza: "Then, he will win, won't he?"

Anubis: "It's not so easy. Do you think he'd got away when we the Warlords were laughed by him?"

Naaza: "(*laugh*)"

Rajura: "All right. Let's take our time watching his achievement. Gougasha, the one who laughed the uselessness of us the Four Warlords."

Anubis: "Rajura. Prepare for the 'Mirror of Youja'(Note: The "Mirror of Youja" was used in Episode #2, when Arago and the Mashos scooped the trooper's moves)."

Rajura: "Leave it to me."

Naaza: "This...will be an interesting spectacle."

(All three laugh)

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